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Here are a few videos showcasing North Bridge flutes and other related resources.

Paul Edmund-Davies
Mission: Possible Tour Video Series

Paul Edmund-Davies kick's off the 'Flutey & The Beast' tour
at David French Music in Westborogh, MA

Paul Edmund-Davies talks about next month's
Flutey & The Beast tour.

'Paul's 2015 Mission:Possible Retropective Tour Video'

'Paul Edmund-Davies at Abbey Road'

Mission: Possible Tour Video #1






'Paul Edmund-Davies clinic in Valparaiso'

'Bus Stop: The family at home misses Dad'

MP:3 'Speaking like Prince Charles' in Camp Hill, PA

MP:3 'Mooey, Mooey' in Camp Hill, PA

Chris McKenna Videos

Learn more about Chris McKenna at:

A Profile on Chris McKenna

Chris McKenna, Musician, Artisan, Inventor on'Chronicle'

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